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Metro Self Storage 350 W Tyler St Longview, TX 75601 (903) 225-1704
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Service Gleads 06/09/20
Recommend: Yes
Good afternoon from Gleads
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Jacob Williams 03/13/20
Recommend: Yes
Services required
Some services on your site interest me, but I would like some more information. Can somebody please call me at 13482942768

pissed smooth off 02/13/20
Recommend: No
you better have insurance
While this facility is less expensive than others, make sure you have your own insurance and it better be specifically for rental units, because if their building leaks from the roof (not a flood or fire or act of nature) and ruins your things they will say they aren't responsible and that it's in your contract. So in other words spend a little more money somewhere else where you don't have to worry about the building leaking when it rains. Or put your stuff in your yard under a tarp and save yourself the money. it might still get wet or ruined but at least you wont have paid someone else money to allow your stuff to get ruined.

Max Fraser 01/21/20
Recommend: No
Services required
I need to discuss your services as soon as possible. Could someone please call me at 13477145390 to give me more information?

GEM 07/24/19
Recommend: Yes
Great prices!
I couldn't find a better deal in town.

RRC 12/26/18
Recommend: Yes
Very Nice Facility
Very Clean Facility , and Very Nice Management !